Basic Level Mantis Boxing - Ages 7-13

What follows is an overview of children's classes at Authentic Kung-Fu. The class structure and technical material is designed to focus on developing a child both physically and mentally for success in whatever endeavor they choose. Additionally the material is carefully chosen for safety and age-appropriate application. At Authentic Kung-Fu children are taught the art of Mantis Boxing. (For an overview of the adult art of Mantis Kung-Fu please see "About Mantis Boxing")

Training for Mastery

Beginner children classes at Authentic Kung-Fu are directed towards teaching the fundamental physical skills and mental discipline that will lead to mastery of the art. This differs widely from the goal of nearly all children's martial art programs offered today. Today most martial arts programs have been changed into sports activities that are easily learned and where a child can "compete" against others at his level soon after joining. This is not the case with the children's beginning program at Authentic Kung-Fu. The art taught at our school is the same as has been taught for centuries. The authentic martial arts of Asia are very sophisticated physical disciplines. The child trained in these disciplines gains a degree of coordination, physical and mental development that is not possible with the present-day "watered down" approach to martial arts.

Self-Discipline Instead of Imposed Discipline

At most martial arts schools, classes are conducted with a rigid, near-military discipline. Though this approach does have its merits, it is a discipline that is imposed from outside and has limited effect once a child leaves class. Steve Cottrell, the Chief Instructor at Authentic Kung-Fu Fort Worth, has a Master's Degree in Education with many graduate hours devoted to childhood development. He has authored a unique training program for the Beginning Children's classes. At Authentic Kung-Fu, children are taught in a challenging atmosphere that encourages self-discipline. Children learn to listen, follow directions precisely and act appropriately not because of threat of punishment but because they want to participate fully in all activities. This kind of self-control translates into the ability to take on challenges in school or other areas of life because of behavioral changes that the child makes in his or herself. The life of the master martial artist is marked by self-discipline. That process is started in our beginner classes.


Mantis Boxing (Tanglang Quan) is a physically demanding style of Kung-Fu that calls for a strong but supple physicality, a high degree of agility and disciplined endurance. For this reason, it is the perfect vehicle for guiding a child's physical development. The Beginning Children's program at Authentic Kung-Fu is designed to start a child on this journey. In a carefully developed step-by-step manner, children are trained with activities that are challenging but not beyond their ability. Instead of rushing to get a child "competing" against other children, the child is trained to have greater control over his or her bodies, to push themselves beyond their perceived limits and to master the fundamentals of Kung-Fu.

Skills That Translate To Any Endeavor

Beginning Kung-Fu involves more than the punches and kicks taught in other schools or the artificial kind of movement used for today's sport martial arts. For example in nearly every martial art school of today the kind of bouncing movement used by boxers is the method of stepping. This works fine as long as one is on an even, dry surface. Try this kind of bouncing around on a street after it rains and you will be quickly be lying on your back. Notice that no other kind of sport activity uses this kind of footwork; there is a reason. At Authentic Kung-Fu, every class involves training in how to step in a balanced and natural fashion. The purpose of this stepping in Kung-Fu is to be able to evade attacks in any environment and to coordinate natural footwork with attacks or defenses. For this reason training in Kung-Fu enables one to defend oneself anywhere but it also though translates to peak performance in any sport or activity. Students at Authentic Kung-Fu learn how to fall and not be injured or how to roll in any direction and return to their feet. The result of such training is that the Kung-Fu practitioner is not easily beaten by being thrown or tripped. The result for the child is that injuries from sports or from the adventures of childhood become increasingly rare.

Practical Skills For A Child's Environment

Along with this, children learn personal defense skills that, unlike the techniques of sport martial arts, are actually applicable in today's school environment of zero tolerance to fighting. At Authentic Kung-Fu, children learn how escape from the kind of grabbing attacks used by bullies not by striking as a first resort but with surprisingly-simple controlled uses of leverage. Should it become necessary for a child to defend him or herself more forcefully, they are taught disciplined striking techniques that will quickly end an encounter without serious injury.

These skills cannot be taught with the simplified approach of today's children's programs. Entering a child in Kung-Fu is to begin a program that, regardless of their remaining in the art, will enhance their ability to succeed at whatever endeavor they enter into next.

These skills cannot be taught with the simplified approach of today's children's programs. Entering a child in Kung-Fu is to begin a program that, regardless of their remaining in the art, will enhance their ability to succeed at whatever endeavor they enter into next.

Parents have a lot of choices to make concerning their children. The choice of what kind of activity they participate in is an important one. At Authentic Kung-Fu we offer a program that is designed to educate, discipline and meet the developmental needs of the child today while building a foundation for their future growth. We encourage you to visit our school to view this program for yourself.

Class Schedule

Authentic Kung Fu Burleson
473-B E. Renfro Street
Burleson, TX 76028
Phone: 817-673-0558


Beginner (Session A)
Tuesday 5:00pm-6:00pm
Thursday 5:00pm-6:00pm

Beginner (Session B)
Monday 5:00pm-6:00pm
Wednesday 5:00pm-6:00pm

Tuesday 6:00pm-7:00pm
Thursday 6:00pm-7:00pm


Kids Mantis Kung Fu is structured for kids ages 7-13.


$85/month; $75/month for addtional siblings.